The Importance of Pre-Home Inspections  

When you’re purchasing a house around the Melbourne area of Australia, you might be concerned with some of the possible hidden problems that a house could have. While you’re usually able to take a tour of the premises, you won’t be able to inspect everywhere around. With the permission of property owners, consider getting some pre home inspections Melbourne for these reasons.


If you’re living in a climate susceptible to rain often, mold can very much be a concern. When moisture comes through the inside of your house, it can create an environment for mold to form. Mold can vary in different types with some being non-harmful and easy to remove, but other strains can be toxic which can cause sickness if not treated. Getting a pre-home inspection to find and get rid of mold is worth it for your safety.

Lead Paint

In older houses, lead paint can commonly be found. While you won’t be in danger unless you eat it, it can become a concern if you have or are expecting children that might not know better. While house sellers are federally mandated to how to disclose if a house has lead paint, real estate agents might not tell you that information up front as they have different laws based on the state.


When you’re looking at getting a house that uses well water, you’ll want to have someone inspect the well. If you aren’t careful, the well could be contaminated from whatever falls inside. Additionally, the flow rate of the water could be bad so you’ll get uneven water pressure. Making sure the well is working ok will ensure that you won’t have to spend a large amount of money drilling a new well.

Smoke Detectors

Keeping your family safe should be a top priority when searching for a house, so making sure the smoke detectors the house comes with are working correctly is important. While batteries can just be changed out of the detectors whenever they are low on power, getting them tested is important as it can be made sure that they will actually pick up on smoke if a fire starts to happen. Depending on the state, you can legally get in trouble as well if your smoke detectors aren’t working properly so you’ll want to make sure your smoke detectors are in top shape.


Similar to lead paint, asbestos was commonly used in house building for a long time. Unlike lead paint though, asbestos can be more dangerous to even adults as if you’re wandering around your attic or are looking install new insulation, you could possibly inhale fibers from the asbestos that become airborne. When the fibers are consumed, barbs from them can stick on your lungs and greatly increase the chances of you having cancer. For your health, make sure you don’t have asbestos.


Getting a pre-home inspection is crucial for all home buyers. Whether you’re looking out for your safety or just want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth, that’s what they are for. Look around and make sure that you’re getting the most accredited pre-home inspections today.