Some Information About the State of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is in the Northeastern United States. It was one of the original 13 colonies prior to America declaring independence in 1776. It borders New York and New Jersey. However, unlike those states, it does not border the Atlantic Ocean. The state would be landlocked if it wasn’t for the fact that it borders Lake Erie. In a way, Pennsylvania seems like it is at a crossroads with being the gateway between the Northeast and the Midwest.

Philadelphia is a very well-known city that the state is known for. It is full of historical sites to see that date back to colonial times. It is also a very modern city with amenities such as a public transit system, roads and modern buildings. Surprisingly, Philadelphia is not the capital of Pennsylvania—Harrisburg is. Harrisburg is in the southeast part of the state, somewhat deep and far from the state’s borders. It sits right next to the Susquehanna River—just like how Philadelphia sits right next to the Delaware River. Harrisburg consists of some land on the east side of the river, the part of the river that it sits next to and a number of islands that sit in the river. There is a very obvious for why these major cities sit near rivers. Bodies of water, such as oceans, rivers and lakes, have always been desirable places to settle. This is because of the fact that bodies of water, themselves, provide a variety of resources. These resources include water, plant life, animal life and various types of materials. Also, bodies of water serve as routes for transport and trade.

Montgomery is a small town that sits along the Susquehanna River. In 2014, there were about 1,571 people living there. It was also recorded to be 94.8% white, with very small percentages of other types of people. In Pennsylvania, it is worth looking into single family homes montgomery pa. There are some very affordable and beautiful homes up for sale in Montgomery. Montgomery is north of Harrisburg, and is counted in the Census as being in the Williamsport Metropolitan Statistical area.

There are generally five different land regions in the state of Pennsylvania. These regions include the Allegheny Plateau, the Lake Erie Plain, the Piedmont and the Atlantic Coast Plain. Philadelphia is on the Atlantic Coast Plain—a region that encompasses the southeast corner of Pennsylvania. The Piedmont is an area that has rolling hills with rich soil. The place attracted many German immigrants, and it is currently a place where Amish people live and commute. The Ridge and Valley region has the Appalachian mountains, with valleys and gaps in between them. Harrisburg is located in a gap in this region. The Ridge and Valley Region stretches northeastward from the middle of the southern border to New Jersey. The Allegheny Plateau makes up much of the Pennsylvania’s north and west parts. Pittsburgh, another well-known city, is located on the Allegheny Plateau. The Lake Erie Plain includes 50 miles of shoreline along Lake Erie and extends a few miles inland.